NeuroLinks' mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed diagnostic basis.  We have created a company that we believe in, and choose for our own family members.

​NeuroLinks was the first independent neurodiagnostic testing facility to become incorporated in the state of Oklahoma in 2000.    We have maintained the highest quality of service along with providing the quickest response time in the state for scheduling procedures, having Board Certified neurologists to interperet each test.  We have developed respect and professional working relationships with more than 150 physicians, clinics, and hospitals throughout the United States.  We provide on-call and full staff coverage to hospitals as needed for in-house vacation or illness leave.  Currently we perform hundreds of clinical and IOM procedures each year, and employ qualified and licensed technologists.  Our success is a result of maintaining high professional standards and high quality technical skills.

​​NeuroLinks' services are here to assist physicians with their neurodiagnostic needs in both clinical and surgical environments.  

Clinical services include: EEG, EMG/nerve conduction, VEP, BAER, etc..  Once scheduled/ordered, a tech will arrive to conduct the test.  The patient will be educated on what to expect, and have all of their questions addressed during setup.   Testing is done in a safe and isolated environments to help focus on getting the best recording possible.   Once completed, the tech will clean any residue or recording gel from the patient's scalp, and answer remaining questions.  The test will be transferred for neurologists' review, with the report/results returning to the ordering physician's office in a timely manner.  This is the same process for in-hospital requests as for off-campus diagnostics. 

Intraoperative monitoring services include: EEG, SSEP, TcMEP, tEMG, BAER, etc..  Techs will arrive an hour before the scheduled case to set up equipment, and to speak with the patient.  Modality baselines are taken post intubation and pre incision for reference throughout the case.  Online reading neurologists observe waveforms and events during the surgery by both LogMeIn, and constant communication with the techs through Skype/texts.  After closing, the tech will remove any leads or sensors, and clean any marks as they can.  A report will be completed, documenting the modalities used during the case, with a summary of the events.

To schedule an appointment, please call: (918)742-0400. 

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Janna Cheek, REEGT, CNIM

Owner/ CEO of NeuroLinks

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